I Need a Minute

I am unfortunately still having a rough time with my health. As I’ve stated before, I am launching some very exciting new projects this fall! Super Steve and Fiona (my new puppy) are helping me get back to health and I’m sure their love will expedite my progress. I haven’t shared much about my health […]

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My Bachelorette Party Was Amazing

I moved to the San Francisco area in 2010 in search of my tribe. (I grew up in Alabama and spent the bulk of my twenties in Tennessee.) Whenever possible, I have been spending my time with a few generous, strong, intelligent powerhouses I call “friends.” In the weeks leading up to my wedding, I […]

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What a Week

I am officially married to Super Steve, and we are off to Paris! I have been looking forward to this day for so very long! Last Wednesday was the third anniversary of the day we met. He’s been so fantastic! I’ve been extremely stressed. I’m shutting down all connections and am going totally off the […]

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I Am Sad Today

I have had trouble before, but man, I have got a big bag of trouble now. This is the chapter where everything falls apart, then there’s a wedding, and then our heroine emerges victorious once again, ready to build her next empire. What I’m saying is, “stay tuned.” I have mad ninja skills and will […]

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I’m Bustin’ My Belly Ovah Here!

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted a blog because operating BA Moving Arts has been a time-consuming learning process, and now we are only two weeks away from Shake the Bay! But you knew that and already have your tickets… right? Shake the Bay is a full-length belly dance show that I produce […]

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